Ruby’s Ride Charity has been set up to help Ruby & other children with disabilities enjoy life as any other able bodied child should. Funds raised through donations & events will help pay for & stable ponies for Ruby & others to ride and pay for the specialist equipment required to facilitate this. The long term aim for the charity is to provide Ruby & others the specialist equipment required throughout childhood to make life easier and more fun.

Thank you for all your support.

Ruby’s Ride…………why we’re here. I’ll explain a little about how things got started.

We’ve been friends with Ben and Emma Duffy for around 10 years, living in Vigo and often socialising at weekends. Our kids played together and we grew really close along with the rest of our Vigo crew.

They decided to get married in Menorca and we were invited too……a stunning week away.

So fairly soon afterwards, Emma announced her pregnancy and revealed she was expecting twins. There were many worrying times for them all throughout the pregnancy………details of which I am not sure, but certainly a horrible time of stress and fear to watch your friends go through.

Finally, after being told that there was a chance that one of the pickles may not survive as the other was taking all the nutrition, both little girls were born. At the time, Ruby was the more developed weight wise and Lottie had to stay in hospital until strong enough to get home.

So over the past couple of years we have seen both girls grow. It is wonderful to see Lottie doing all the mischievous things a three year old does, but absolutely heart-breaking that Ruby cannot join in.

We often go to “Team Duffy’s” house to socialise as it is very difficult for 5 kids plus the adults to get out and about too much, plus with Ruby’s condition, mum and dad are often too shattered to go out.

A couple of weeks ago we were able to go to the Cricketers in Meopham and during the course of the evening the conversation arose of the desire for Ruby to be able to ride a pony. Emma and Ben had been in conversation with other friends of ours, who have some stables in Barming. The benefits of riding for improving core muscle strength had been looked into as well as the obvious fun element and our friend had access to a small pony which was being sold by her friend.

The realisation that purchasing the pony was only the start was putting Em and Ben off a bit as the costs of care can be quite high………certainly when you have 5 dependents!!.

I said to our group that surely we could support the upkeep of the pony……just a small donation each per month maybe by standing order could enable Ruby to Ride………

…………and when the hangover subsided on the Sunday morning, I still had the thoughts of how much fun Ruby could have and over the next couple of days I battled with my conscience as to whether to ask for outside help or not.

My reason for going ahead is crammed full of because’s……some you might understand and some you might not.

At first I felt guilty asking for financial help when there are so many other reasons and causes that equally need help, I felt a bit selfish.

So here is why we set up Ruby’s Ride.

Because some of the greatest charities and fund raisers started somewhere small.

Because when I see the absolute devotion Em and Ben have for their family I want to help.

Because it makes my heart ache to see such a beautiful little girl unable to do so many things the rest of us take for granted.

Because on the physical side, riding could help Ruby’s body to develop enough strength that one day she may walk.

Because if we don’t try, we’ll never know.

Because if it doesn’t , she’ll have the most wonderful fun trying.

Because Ruby’s Ride can only help the many if we learn to get it right with the first.

Because it will be so different from having to sit in specialised chairs and doing physio.

Because we don’t know how Ruby’s mind processes her surroundings…………she may love the feelings of Riding……..she may hate it.

Because if she doesn’t try, she’ll never know. Because everything is worth a try.

Because anything is better than doing nothing.

Because we should try and help however we can. Because if Ruby really enjoys riding……she should be able to do it because there is so much else she cannot do.

Because if we get this right and we get enough support, we can offer funding for others to do the same. Not necessarily at the stables where Ruby rides, nor necessarily on her pony, but we can use funds to pay for others with disabilities to ride at other riding centre’s across the country where perhaps the parents or carers cannot afford to.

Because we know if we can give Ruby just one moment of pleasure or 10 years….it is worth every penny.

What is known about CP and the treatments available will undoubtedly evolve and improve as medical science progresses. Things that may not work now might do in the future.

We have to give everything a go. We have to use every opportunity to try to improve the basic strength and motor skill control so that one day, as new knowledge and treatments are developed, little pickles like Ruby may have a chance at doing the things we do.

Basic things like walking, carrying, riding a bike…………….. you get the picture.

This is a totally new thing for me/us. I just thought we had to do something and it really has snowballed over the last couple of weeks. We can see a much bigger picture for Ruby’s Ride and our dream would be that in a few years, Ruby herself would be in the position to be a part of what we are doing.

In the space of a couple of weeks we have gone from feeling totally helpless that we can’t help Ruby, Emma , Ben and the family to feeling that we could with support help many more like Ruby.

We are really excited about the future and hope that Ruby’s Ride is a success. This is a fantastic start and we appreciate any help and support.

Ruby’s Ride Share far and wide.
Please donate if you can.